Install Reactium


cd /your/reactium/project
npx reactium init # Select Reactium when prompted
npm run local

Under most circumstances, Reactium is pretty easy to install and takes less than 5 minutes. Most hosting providers require no install at all.

Install Locally

If you haven't done so already, be sure to read the Before You Install article

Step 1: Set Current Working Directory

Reactium CLI relies on your project directory to give it context:

cd /your/reactium/project

Step 2: Install Reactium CLI (Optional)

Fire up terminal or command-line and install the Atomic Reactor CLI:

npm install -g reactium # alternative to using npx all the time

Step 3: Install Reactium

reactium init
[ARCLI] > Initialize what type of project?:  (Use arrow keys)
 Reactium (Web Application) 
  Actinium (Web API)
Preparing to initialize Reactium...

[ARCLI] > Initialize Reactium here?:  (y/N) y
$ npm install 

Step 4: Run Locally

$ npm run local


After the Webpack build completes, your default browser will launch with the Welcome component loaded on the / route.

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