Reactium SDK

The Reactium SDK is imported from the ES Module, and provides useful means of extending and using the Reactium foundational framework.

Reactium SDK

When we speak of the "Reactium SDK", we are generally referring to:

  • the Reactium Singleton object, imported like so: import Reactium from 'reactium-core/sdk';

  • or, a number of named exports, such as custom React hooks, string translation utilities, etc, e.g. import { useHookComponent } from 'reactium-core/sdk';

  • A list of documented Reactium "hooks". A Reactium hook (not to be confused with React Hooks), is a named tag for which you can register callbacks. You can both register hooks in your code to run when important things happen in Reactium, and create your own invocations where others can register callbacks.

'reactium-core' used in an import statement in Reactium is a babel-alias for the path to the'.core/' directory, which can be used anywhere in your code so you don't need to know the relative path.

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