Documentation Elements

The Toolkit plugin adds the Markdown component which takes markdown text and converts it into JSX.

When creating an element via the Reactium CLI (also known as ARCLI), you will be prompted to include documentation.

npx reactium toolkit element


[ARCLI] > Documentation?: (Y/n)

You can add a documentation component to existing elements as well:

npx reactium toolkit document
[ARCLI] > Document Name: Documentation
[ARCLI] > Document ID: docs
[ARCLI] > Directory: /My Reactium Project/src/app/components/Toolkit/Test/Documentation
[ARCLI] > Sidebar?: Yes
[ARCLI] > Sidebar Group ID (optional): test
[ARCLI] > Sidebar Label: Test Documentation
[ARCLI] > Sidebar URL?: Yes
[ARCLI] > Sidebar Order: 100

[ARCLI] > A new toolkit document will be created using the following configuration:

  "name": "Documentation",
  "id": "readme",
  "directory": "/My Reactium Project/src/app/components/Toolkit/Test/Documentation/Documentation",
  "sidebar": true,
  "group": "test",
  "label": "Test Documentation",
  "url": "/toolkit/test/readme",
  "order": 100

[ARCLI] > Proceed?: (y/N)

You can then open the generated file and use markdown text to document an element.

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