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Creating Elements

Elements are components added to specific zones in the Toolkit Plugin. You can create new elements by registering components with the Toolkit SDK.
There's a lot to know about creating elements. Let the ARCLI do it for you:
$ arcli toolkit element
[ARCLI] > Type: Top-Level
[ARCLI] > ID: test
[ARCLI] > Label: Test
[ARCLI] > URL?: Yes
[ARCLI] > Order: 100
[ARCLI] > Directory: /My Reactium Project/src/app/components/Toolkit/Sidebar
[ARCLI] > A new toolkit sidebar item will be created using the following configuration:
"type": "group",
"id": "test",
"label": "Test",
"url": "/toolkit",
"order": 100,
"directory": "/My Reactium Project/src/app/components/Toolkit/Sidebar/Test"
[ARCLI] > Proceed?: (y/N)
import ButtonColors from '.';
import Reactium from 'reactium-core/sdk';
// Register a new Reactium Plugin
Reactium.Plugin.register('ToolkitButtonColors').then(() => {
// Ensure the toolkit plugin is available
if (!Reactium.Toolkit) return;
// Wait for plugins to be initialized
Reactium.Hook.register('plugin-ready', () => {
// Get the MenuLink component
const MenuLink = Reactium.Component.get('RTKMENULINK');
// Register the Sideber link
Reactium.Toolkit.Sidebar.register('button-colors', {
order: 10,
component: MenuLink,
children: 'Button Colors',
url: '/toolkit/button/colors',
// Register the Element
Reactium.Toolkit.Elements.register('button-colors', {
order: 0,
zone: 'button-colors',
component: ButtonColors,
The Element zone value is derived from the Sidebar url value. Given the url: /toolkit/button/colors The corresponding zone would be: button-colors
The above registration creates the following view in the Toolkit: