Local Development

The Reactium Admin uses pretty much the entire Reactium Ecosystem.
The following step-by-step guide will get you up and running locally.
Before you start, be sure to install the Atomic Reactor CLI
$ npm install -g @atomic-reactor/cli

Step 1: Pull down repo

Step 2: Install Actinium

Follow the steps to install Actinium

Step 3: Seed Test Data

You'll need to download and extract the test data.
Download: Test Data

Import Test Data

$ mongorestore -h localhost:27017 -d actinium -u actinium -p PASSWORD /PATH/TO/EXTRACTED/DATA/actinium
mongorestore should be installed automatically with mongo

Step 4: Launch Reactium Admin

Open an additional Terminal/Command-line tab and enter the following commands:
$ cd /WHERE/YOU/SAVED/Reactium-Admin
$ npm install && npm run local

Step 5: Sign Into Admin

You can now navigate to localhost:3000/login and sign in using the default username and password:
username: admin
password: admin
Navigate to localhost:3000/docs to view the Reactium Admin API docs Navigate to localhost:9000/docs to view the Actinium API docs Navigate to localhost:9000/parse and login with the default username and password above to view the Parse Dashboard