Install Reactium UI

Install NPM Package

$ npm install --save @atomic-reactor/reactium-ui

Include Styles

There are two ways to include the Reactium UI styles
  1. 1.
    From CDN
  2. 2.
    Import SCSS

From CDN

If you include the styles from the CDN, understand you will not be able to override any of the styles unless you do so in a separate style sheet that is loaded after the Reactium UI styles.
Add the following to the head of your HTML page:

Import SCSS

Since Reactium compiles SCSS files, you can import the Reactium UI styles into your application style sheet. Importing allows you to customize and easily override Reactium UI's SCSS variables and defaults.
Note: overrides must be specified before importing the reactium-ui.scss file.
@import './reactium-ui-overrides';
@import '../../../node_modules/@atomic-reactor/reactium-ui/assets/style/reactium-ui.scss';